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At HorizonLecture, we believe in the magic of words, the wonder of a story and the power of imagination. Furthermore, we’re here to help every child explore her or his unique potential through reading.

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Our Latest Green Thumb Journey in Focus

Dive into a vibrant world where the thrill of gardening and the joy of discovery unite in « My Gardening Guide & Log Book. » Embark on an enriching voyage with your child, guiding them as they cultivate their own slice of nature. This interactive guide not only teaches the fundamentals of gardening but also sows seeds of curiosity, responsibility, and ecological awareness. Through each page, children and parents alike will nurture not just plants but a deeper bond with the earth and each other, learning that every seed planted is a step toward a greener future. Join us on this hands-on adventure, and watch as your child’s understanding and love for the natural world grow.

“May the
cultivation of seeds blossom into your joy, growth, and wisdom.”

The benefits of gardening with your children.
Explore how gardening cultivates deeper connections with nature, enhances learning, and strengthens family bonds.

Sun-drenched garden at dawn with vibrant flowers and lush foliage, symbolizing nature's awakening and growth.
Embrace the Garden's Promises at Sunrise - Where every ray of light celebrates life's vibrant renewal.
Young child reaching for a book in a magical library filled with glowing stars, planets, and wonders, embodying the limitless imagination reading can inspire

Our Mission

Every child is unique, and so is his or her reading journey. Thus we strive to make reading accessible and attractive, by selecting the best books for each individual.

Our Reading Corner

Young child engaged in 'The Magic World of Reading' in a cozy nook with colorful pillows, promoting curiosity and imagination.
Discover the joys of a Reading Corner, where every page turns into an adventure! An inviting space designed to stir the imaginations, making stories come alive.

Embark on an adventure through the Sonoran Desert with Miso and Kili, two cats whose curiosity takes them soaring through a world of wonder. Celebrated for its captivating illustrations and a heartwarming message about friendship and discovery, this book is a treasure for young minds. Each page encourages a deeper appreciation for nature’s marvels and the joy of exploration.

Elevate your child’s bedtime stories with this five-star journey. Uncover this gem and let their dreams flourish amidst the desert’s nocturnal magic.

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